Southern Summer Nights

"Albertina. Argentina. unquality. This is a Taylor Swift appreciation life blog. My Red is so confident it flashes trophies of war and ribbons of euphoria. Orange is young full of daring but very unsteady for the first go 'round. My yellow in this case is not so mellow, in fact I'm trying to say, it's frightened like me. And all these emotions of mine keep holding me from, giving my life to rainbow like you.


Taylor Swift singles + Fonts | Part I

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These songs are open letters. Each is written with a specific person in mind, telling them what I meant to tell them in person. To the beautiful boy whose heart I broke in December. To my first love who I never thought would be my first heartbreak. To my band. To a mean man I used to be afraid of. To someone who made my world very dark for a while. To a girl who stole something of mine. To someone I forgive for what he said in front of the whole world.

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Should I know that?! Well now I do, thank you!! haha :’) And yess, that’s accurate Taylor Swift is the coolest slash hottest chick in town, fact. 

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selinciel asked: We are the nicest fandom , like ever.


Agreed! We are one big bunch of nice people aren’t we? haha :’) Xx!

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Anonymous asked: Heyy like i just want to say that you are like the best person for Taylor Swift to be following on here and i am really grateful that you are on here xx i look up to you a lot and really think you do us swifts proud xx


Who are you?! why are you so sweet!? This is literally one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me!! And…you look up to me? like…what’s going on?! Just thank you sooo much, and please know that you’ve put the biggest smile on my face! :’) Xx!

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I’m pretty sure I just sent you like 20 messages Luna! I’m so sorry!

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Trying to stay awake in a boring class


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Hey guys, so this is my second follow forever. I just wanna let y’all know that y’all always make me smile. Thank you for being nice. Y’all are perfectly amazing. Please never change. Happy Easter! :) 


Here are the list of people who are perfect and gorgeous in their own ways:

/ 60squeens / alisenargent / alltaywell / taylour / enchantedswift13 / voguetaylor / plaidswiftdays / unfselenita / gotyourdemons / iconfessbabe / fearlesstour / longslive / holygrounds / liampaynerr / soundsofineedyou / kingdomlightsshine / catchingswift / everswift / staystaystays / timeerasingyou / wealmostbrokeup / mockingjayswft / befearlessinred / firstkissflawless / fortuneandfames / inthenameofbeinghonests / tayswifth / casuallycruel / everythingshaschanged / fuckyeahswift / feelingtwentytwo / longlivethegirlinthedress / ourprincesswift / onehandfeel / weheartswifties / fearlesslyonfire / talyorswifts / indiesrecord / tayllorswifts / dancinaroundthekitchen / dressuplikehipsters / sherlockswift / everythinhaschanged / swiftbeautifultragic / newyorkbehere / drunk-swift / sadbeautifultragic / 

- sorry guys if it’s not in order i’m so lazy and tired. 

PS. I love you all guys! :*

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I think that happiness is a choice. Hang in there.

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you make me crazier, crazier
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I’ve heard every album, listened to the radio

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