Her New Single Knocks Down Top 40 Panel in Less Than 24 Hours

Big Machine and Republic Records have pulled off an unprecedented feat, as Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” has closed the entire Top 40 panel in less than 24 hours—a first in Pop radio history. Charlie Walk, Gary Spangler and team, having knocked down Pop in record time, are already preparing a repeat performance at Hot AC next week. (x)
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August 20

2009 CMT Music Awards Opening Skit: Taylor Swift “But it’s my dream”

I just watched the Anaconda video……………………………………….why?

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August 20
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roses-coffee said: hi i have a new taylor blog gifsofswift and i was wondering if you could check it out? :) thank you!!

Yeah! absolutely! :’)

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August 20
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Candids from 2014 ¨¨ Leaving the gym in LA - 20/01

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August 20
dirtycheatsoftheworld said: Oh my gosh I feel like a bunch of Swifties are finally saying roughly the same thing as you did regarding Shake It Off. I feel the same too. It's just scary to put your opinion out there when so many say they love it, but you're not connecting with it like they are. And that's on


Yeah like…I know like it’s kind of scary when you see a whole fandom agreeing on something you don’t and like you having to be open about that disagreement. Uhm…I think it’s valid both things I really deeply envy that people that love the song and are listening to it nonstop cause I wish I was there too. It’s kind of not cool when your favorite person in the world, your favorite artist and someone you are so devoted to realeases something after two years and you just…aren’t extremely pumped by it. I don’t know I have the consolation that the video is my favorite, by a mile!

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August 20
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julyninths said: Thank you for being the only person I can relate to about the song. It's not my favorite at all. And to be honest if it were by anyone else other than Taylor I doubt I'd even listen to it.


Idk if I would listen but like I stated in my opinion is not my fav so far! I do love the video!! isn’t the video awesome?! soo funny!

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August 20
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Candids from 2014 ¨¨ Leaving a pilates class in LA - 16/01

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August 20
tothissickbeat said: don't worry, it's fine that you don't like one of her songs! don't be too harsh on yourself for that. and I'm sure she has some lyrically good songs, she knows we like the lyrics the most

Yeah! I’m sure she does! Taylor is queen! she always ends up winning my complete devotion to whatever song she releases! or at least most of them! but like you said it is valid to not like some songs as much you like others. 

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August 20
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Anonymous said: what are your thoughts on shake it off? I personally Love It!

I’m gonna be such a party pooper here…to be honest?…it’s not my cup of tea. Not my favorite song at all, like everybody has it stucked in their heads and like I have royals stuck in my head, a song that came out like 20 billion years ago and that I don’t even like much. And like I’ve downloaded SIO and my listen count is 5 so far. To be honest like I’m mad at myself, I’m mad I don’t love the song and I’m mad I’m not obsessed with it! I’m obsessed with the music video but not with the song. I just like…I don’t have a problem with the sound, what I’m not digging like…how do I say this…I’ve always complained about those songs that are 3 minutes long and repeat the same chorus 5 times…and with Taylor like she may have realeased some pop songs in the past but she always worked from the a story teller kind of point, and now this song is not that…it’s more like a katy perry, a lady gaga kind of song it comes with a message but it doesn’t tell a story. That’s something I really miss and something I hope would change with the other songs. 

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August 19
I wanna define my life on my own terms.
by Taylor Swift on her priorities now (x)
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August 19

This is going to sound stupid but I love the fact that you’re calling me Lil, haha. Only my family and close friends call me that and I love it.

oh! I always feel the need to like shorten people’s name to a sort of extreme. Plus Lil sounds really cute. Like same with me, my brother and best friend and like really close family they call me Al and I looove it and most people call me Tini and Alber so when someone randomly is like: Hey Al! I’m like…you are special! hahaha

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August 19
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Taylor Swift talks about “Shake it Off” on Good Morning America.

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August 19


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August 19